Boardmember of the Month: Ruben Sandoval

rubenRuben Sandoval was born in Modesto CA to Salvador (Dan) and Mary Sandoval. Raised in Lathrop CA went to Lathrop Elementary School. Ruben attended East Union High and Graduated in 1976 from there, he was involved in sports and won medals and certificates. Ruben got his Master’s in Business and Human Resource Management along with a Doctorate in organizational leadership Management. Ruben is working at ITT Technical Institute teaching courses in information technology, such as Linux Networking, Clients-server Networking, Cyber Security, and Database Concepts. Involved with the Relay for life in Lathrop CA, seeking ways to improve the quality of life in Lathrop with the help of the Lathrop Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, City Council. We are delighted to have Ruben be a part of our Board Member as we work in toward success in a brighter and more productive city here at the Lathrop District Chamber of Commerce.

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